Another Taste Of Nordic Cuisine For The English Cook

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Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson has announced that he plans to publish a second cookbook to demystify his beloved Nordic cuisine. 

Nilsson's first cookbook, Fäviken, was met by immediate success because of its focus on using only pure, Nordic ingredients at his restaurant located in Northern Sweden.  While his first cookbook had a strong focus on his restaurant, his second will be a comprehensive look at Nordic cuisine, incorporating 1,000 regional recipes and the history behind them. 

Nilsson tells Phaidon, "The idea is that there has been nothing comprehensive published in English on Nordic Cooking, basically ever," Nilsson says as he explains his motives for the second book. He plans to explain Nordic cuisine through its regional differences, and through what each country has in common and how they are vastly different.  The book has not yet been given a release date but is expected to come out sometime in 2015.