Noodles And Company Nutrition

Noodles & Company is a chain that's focused on noodles and pasta dishes. While that might sound like it's all macaroni and cheese and other high-fat, unhealthy food, they actually pay a lot of attention to nutrition.

Not only do Noodles & Company's nutrition experts work hard to make sure that there are plenty of fresh vegetables on the menu, they let you customize your bowl to make your choices as healthy as possible. You can substitute whole-grain linguine, and while they don't guarantee that your meal will be 100 percent gluten-free ("We simply have too much wheat and gluten present to eliminate cross contamination," they say on their website), you can request gluten-free fusilli, and the Chinese Chop Salad, Caesar Salad, Tossed Green Side Salad, and Pad Thai can all be made with no gluten.

Their website also provides several menu options for those watching fat (10 grams or less), calories (500 or less), sodium (700 milligrams or less), and for those looking for vegan and vegetarian options. All of their food is also cooked to order, and it's all trans-fat free.