Noodlefest Takes Over Toronto

11 restaurants duked it out for the grand title

The Glass Factory was packed to the gills on Saturday, April 20, as more than 700 hungry noodle lovers gathered for Slurp! Noodlefest. Eleven restaurants were represented, according to blogTO, and each pulled out all the stops to create great noodle-based dishes. Each dish sold for $5, and drinks cost $6. To try them all was a bit pricey, but it appeared to be worth it, if you didn’t mind the crowds.

Kinton Ramen served their signature spicy garlic ramen, while guests waited up to 20 minutes for Nota Bene’s wood-fired bacon and egg ramen bowl. The Samuel J. Moore served chicken noodle soup with crunchy chicken skin, Lamesa served a Filipino specialty, chicken and shrimp sotanghon, and Momofuku Toronto served spicy noodles with Sichuan spicy pork sausage. Pizzeria Libretto and The Drake both used guanciale and rapini in their noodle dishes, coincidentally, and Yours Truly served a traditional Japanese spinach gomaee, but garnished with bacon.

Toronto's Best Cheap Eats

Coffee was provided by Grind House, tequila was from Tromba, wines from Château de Champs, spirits were from Dillon's, and Double Trouble took the opportunity to debut a pilsener called Prison Break.