Non-Alcoholic Beers Worth Drinking

Iron League Beer Non-Alcoholic

A little bit on the sweeter side, with a cracker-like aroma and inoffensive, clean flavor. Like most non-alcoholic (or extremely low alcohol) beers, this drink doesn't pack much flavor, but it still tastes better than a Natty Lite.

Kirin Free

Actually zero-percent alcohol (most NA beers have about 0.5 percent), this non-yeast brew is low on the hops, and the mouthfeel is kind of off, but it does a pretty good job of imitating its big brother Kirin Ichiban. And at only 37 calories, it's a good bet for dieters and pregnant women alike.

Clausthaler Golden Amber

Lightly hoppy with a malty flavor and aroma of grain and caramel, this amber-colored brew is not a bad choice for those trying to steer clear of booze. Its faintly nutty aftertaste is one of the more pleasant of the bunch.

Clausthaler Premium

If you like a hops-forward brew and you're looking for a NA beer, this one is your best bet. Grassy aroma, and a pleasantly dry, bitter, toasty flavor, this one tastes almost like a regular beer.

Schmohz 120 Non-Alcoholic Craft Pale Ale

Harder to find than many others, but worth it. This near-beer is a beautiful copper color that tastes pretty close to the real thing, with nice hops and a fuller body than many other brews in its class

Bitburger Drive

Pleasantly hoppy and less sweet than many of the other NA beers, Bitburger tastes considerably more watery than an actual pilsner, but does a much better job imitating a real beer than many of them. Grainy, herbal, and earthy.