Noma Announces Temporary Move to Japan

Noma's entire staff is going to cook in Japan for two months in 2015

Noma is taking its entire staff to cook in Kyoto for two months in 2015, but leaving its ingredients behind in Copenhagen to focus on Japan's winter ingredients.

Noma is going on a nice little vacation later this year, and the lucky diners of Japan will get to benefit.

“Dear friends - huge news!! Noma is moving to Japan,” chef Rene Redzepi announced last night on Twitter.

The restaurant’s entire staff will be leaving Copenhagen to spend two months at the beginning of 2015 working at Kikunoi in Kyoto.

“The whole staff is exhilarated, like myself, by this opportunity and we believe that the wealth of knowledge from the journey will enrich our own restaurant and cooking when we return to Copenhagen,” Redzepi said in a statement on the Noma website.

He also specified that the Noma staff would be leaving their ingredients in Denmark to focus on bringing their “mindset and sensibilities to the best of pristine winter produce from all over Japan.”


It sounds like an exciting move for both the Noma staff and Kikunoi, not to mention the diners of Kyoto. Redzepi says more news about the move will be announced in June.