These Hotels Still Have Tickets to Noma Mexico

Colibri Boutique Hotels’ Gourmet Getaway package gives access to Noma Mexico

Tickets to Noma Mexico are still available through Colibri Boutique Hotels.

Tickets to Noma Mexico sold out within three hours of going on sale back in December, but it turns out there’s still a way to get them as part of Colibri Boutique Hotels’ “Gourmet Getaway” package.

Noma Mexico is the third of chef René Redzepi’s touring Noma pop-ups, following iterations in Japan and Australia. For each pop-up, Redzepi takes the entire Noma restaurant and moves it to a new location for a limited time to serve a new menu created with all local ingredients. Tickets to the dinners are very expensive--Noma Australia cost $400 per person, and the 10-week run still sold out in about 90 seconds.

Noma Mexico will run in Tulum, Mexico, from April 12 through May 28. Colibri Boutique Hotels has four hotels in Tulum--La Zebra, Mi Amor, El Pez, and Mezzanine--and they just announced that they have access to Noma Mexico tickets. Guests booking at least two nights as part of the company’s “Gourmet Getaway” package, which includes breakfast, will be able to purchase some last-minute Noma Mexico tickets on a first-come basis.


Tickets to Noma Mexico are not included in the cost of the Gourmet Getaway package, and they are charged separately at the restaurant’s normal cost of $600 plus tax and a service fee. Gourmet Getaway tickets can be arranged by emailing