Is Noise a Marker of a Trendy Restaurant and More News

In today's Media Mix, why restaurants have a $10 minimum credit card charge, plus Cory Booker gets some critics
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

Why Is $10 the Minimum Credit Card Charge?: Ever wonder why most restaurants ask for a $10 minimum for credit cards? Consumerist breaks down the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Protection Act, which makes the minimum charge legal. [Consumerist]

Noise Might Be the Next Big Thing for Restaurants: The hushed, prissy vibes of fine dining are now being replaced with open kitchens, hard surfaces, and a jumble of conversations mixed into one, especially at A-Frame, one of Los Angeles' loudest restaurants, with a noise level as high as a lawn mower. [MSNBC]

World's Largest Candy Cane: Geneva chefs have created a 51-foot candy cane with 900 pounds of sugar, using a blowtorch to piece all the sugar parts together. [World Record Academy]

Cory Booker Continues Food Stamp Challenge: As the Newark, N.J., mayor continues his journey, eating off $30 a week, critics claim that Booker is misrepresenting the food stamp program, saying the stamps are meant to supplement whatever income Americans on food stamps may have. [HuffPo]

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