Nobu Matsuhisa Opening 'Japanese Concept Hotel' In Malibu, California

Nobu Matsuhisa has a big new Malibu, Calif., project in the works, and it sounds very intriguing. The sushi master, who's opened restaurants bearing his name all over the world, will next be opening what he calls a "Japanese concept hotel" in the beachfront community, right next to his Nobu Malibu property, he said during an interview with Haute Living.

Matsuhisa told the magazine that the hotel, like the restaurant, will be built on land owned by tech mogul Larry Ellison, who's a big fan of Nobu. They're working together to plan the hotel, and designs have already been drawn up.

Located right on the beach, Nobu Malibu opened last year after Ellison invited the chef to move the restaurant from Cross Creek to his property.

Construction on the hotel is slated to begin in September. Matsuhisa has gotten into the hotel game relatively recently, with a boutique Nobu hotel now open in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and another in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. No word on whether this design will resemble either of those, but the concept sounds intriguing.