No One Actually Knows What the Super Expensive Starbucks Coffee Tastes Like

Jimmy Kimmel's newest skit reveals all: no one can tell when coffee is 'premium'

Can you taste the premium qualities of the new Starbucks coffee?

Everyone is raving about that super pricey Starbucks coffee, the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera brew. But Jimmy Kimmel hits the nail on the head with his newest skit: no one can actually tell when a cup of coffee is $7 or, well, not $7. 

Kimmel and his staff conducted a "taste test" outside of Starbucks with what they said was the new $7 coffee brew, and a regular, less expensive coffee. Only after people started describing the "richer taste" and "smoother flavor" was it revealed that Kimmel didn't even get the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera brew — they put the same pot of coffee in both cups. Only one person was smart enough to catch on, claiming that they taste the same. 

You have to love when people can seemingly tell the finer notes of a "premium" coffee: check out the clip for yourself.