No-Cut Pumpkin Ideas

Decorate with creative pumpkins that don't require any cutting

Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand, but sometimes the mess of pumpkins can deter you from wanting to purchase them altogether. However, you can have decorative pumpkins without the mess.

Here are a few great ideas to decorate your pumpkins without cutting them!

Lacy Pumpkin:

  • Use lace fabric or a pair of lace-patterned tights to create a fancy pumpkin. Lay the lace fabric or stocking over the pumpkin, gathering it at the bottom with your hand. Cut a hole for the pumpkin’s stem. Then, tie and secure the lace in place, while cutting off the excess lace. 

Use buttons, ribbons, rhinestones, and flowers:

  • Create a glamorous pumpkin by gluing rhinestones and studs onto it. Get creative with swirly patterns and perhaps a silver painted spider. 
  • Spell out inviting or ghostly messages with blue-black buttons of various sizes. Or just glue buttons on a pumpkin randomly for a cute, whimsical pumpkin. 
  • Use ribbons to add character. Tie a bow onto the stem of a pumpkin or glue ribbons onto the ribbon. You can place one ribbon around a small one or a bunch of ribbons along the ridges of a large pumpkin. The ribbon can all match perfectly or be leftover ribbon in an assortment of widths, colors, and patterns. 
  • Turn your pumpkin into a vase by using fake flowers and foliage. Glue the flowers into place and let your new favorite centerpiece shine. 

Use paint!:

  • Colorful polka dots on a white pumpkin are eye-catching and fun.
  • Painting a pumpkin black and then painting on a white design (or vice versa) is always elegant and tasteful.
  • Make a pumpkin metallic with some spray paint.
  • Paint on the face that you would have cut into the pumpkin.

Click here for some quick and easy painted pumpkin ideas!


This is the time to get original, so let your imagination run wild with glitter, glue, paint, and any other goodies you might have. Also, enjoy the weather by working outside. This way you wont be afraid to make a mess. An added bonus to not cutting into your pumpkins is that they last longer.