Nissin Cup Noodle’s Big Promotion Is a Life-Size Plastic Cow

Noodle fans with small apartments should probably not apply

Nissin Cup Noodle's big prize is the world's least efficient water dispenseer.

Nissin Cup Noodle has come up with a flashy new giveaway, but instead of receiving a Golden Ticket to a magical cup noodle factory, the winner will be getting a life-size plastic cow that dispenses hot water.


According to Rocket News 24, Mooko the cow is a promotion for Nissin’s new Milk Seafood flavor of cup noodle. She is a big plastic cow that is just the same size as a live cow, but when “milked,” she dispenses hot water with which people can make their instant noodles. She was created to star in a cup noodle commercial, and now one “lucky” instant noodle customer will be able to take the world’s least space-efficient hot water dispenser home.


If anyone actually wants to win Mooko and share a small apartment with her, all he or she has to do is enter the Nissin Cup Noodle drawing in January. It doesn’t seem like that many people will want to share their homes with a cow-sized hot water dispenser, so you probably have a good shot at winning.