A Night At Supperclub London

I make my way to what seems to be an old warehouse in a random location in London. It's not an area of the city I usually find myself in, but I've heard so much about the London Supperclub that I have to try out this funky venue for myself.

My friends and I are taken to the cozy Bar Noir area by flamboyantly dressed waitresses. There are huge shutters blocking our view and everyone is eager for the night to start. Just as we're about to order some delicious-sounding cocktails, the music starts. Space Man blares from the speakers as the doors open on to our dining room for the evening.

Everything is glowing under the fluorescent lighting and our hosts for the evening are dressed in an array of fantastic costumes. The room is a sheer white Salle Neige space with oversized beds hugging the edge of the room. We sit, or rather lay, around our table. Shoes are taken off and it seems to become an elite sleepover party, reminiscent of clubbing days in Ibiza.

The menu is a secret until guests arrive and changes on a weekly basis. Working with contemporary, fresh and sometimes out-there theater, performers take to the limelight in Bar Rouge whilst the kitchen gets to work on its always surprising and fresh four-course tasting menu. It's a two-story venue, complete with a mezzanine area where diners have a bird's eye view of the sheer white space.

Dutch-born Supperclub Chef Bow Stoel's menu is inspired by international locations. It combines traditional and unusual flavors and is first-class fare. We delve into each dish and each course delivers – from the deliciously fresh prawns served with a tangy sauce and the tantalizingly spicy Thai soup; that follows the succulent lamb which is served in the stickiest sweet sauce along with ripe-to-bursting baby tomatoes.

We're entertained by performers, including burlesque dancers and transgender singers – this place isn't for the serious or the faint-hearted. The wine menu is particularly special. We opt for a delicious Chateauneuf du Pape. But there are others to tempt the tastebuds – such as the £5000 Jeroboam Roederer Cristal.

Just when we think our night is coming to an end, the Supperclub turns into a superclub which is open until late and boasts some world-renowned DJs. It's a non-stop journey for all of your senses and it attracts a high-profile crowd, from the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry, Daje Jagger and Sacha Baron-Cohen.

Supperclub Worldwide CEO Bert van der Leden sums up the concept perfectly: "Every night is different. Whether it's the food, music, performances, art, staff or the guests themselves, a supperclub evening is only a success if all five senses are stimulated. You can be yourself here, and let yourself go."