Nicolas Sarkozy Gives Up Cheese, Opts For Healthy Diet

In a country known for its cheese, who can honestly give up the stuff? Apparently, French president Nicolas Sarkozy can — the leader of the fromage-loving nation is abstaining from cheese, meat, and wine to keep up a healthy regime. 

Of course, his food choices are now one of the many critiques of his character as the French election season comes to an end. Sarkozy banned the after-meal cheese course from the Élysée Palace (the presidential residence), says the Agence France-Presse. The presidential chef, Bernard Vaussion, says that the health-concious leader personally OK's the day's menu each morning, and tries to eat lighter fare rather than a cheese-and-meat diet. Sarkozy also reportedly stays away from wine, which has spurred outrage from his citizens. One possible reason behind the strict diet — his supermodel wife, Carla Bruni. 

But maybe he's throwing the rules out the window as he tries to win the election; the Telegraph reports on his trips to a cheese factory, meet-and-greets with chocolatiers and sausage makers, and a fondue lunch with supporters. Hey, even we stress-eat under a lot of pressure.