Bold Dine-And-Dasher Orders $1,200 Whiskey And Skips Out On Bill

A British man has been arrested after repeatedly dodging bills at high-end restaurants and hotels around Washington, D.C., including one swanky meal that included a $1,200 glass of whiskey.

According to The Times, a 21-year-old British man named Nick Cooper has had seven run-ins with police in the past month, and has enjoyed multiple fancy restaurant meals and run out on the bills. On March 13 he was allegedly arrested for running up a $68.20 bill at the Willard International Hotel and signing a fake name and hotel room to pay for his meal. At another hotel, he allegedly put the bill on a closed credit card.

According to Munchies, Cooper is also suspected to have ordered $500 worth of wine and oysters at the Hay-Adams Hotel, then charged it to a fake name and room number on his receipt.

All that success must have gone to his head, because on March 23, he allegedly went to the capital's Ritz-Carlton Hotel and ordered grilled octopus, a rack of lamb, a $156 bottle of red wine, and a $1,200 glass of Teeling Irish whiskey. Then he charged the $2,220.40 bill to the room of Denver Nuggets player Trey Lyles.

Lyles was reportedly staying in the hotel that night, but staff were suspicious when Cooper signed the basketball player's name, and he didn't even make it out of the hotel lobby before he was stopped by police and arrested. He's scheduled to appear in court on April 12. To prevent him from pulling this scam again the meantime, restaurants and hotels around Washington are rumored to have been passing Cooper's photo around to staff and telling them to keep an eye out for him — and certainly not to let him order any more insanely expensive foods.