Niche Kitchen Equipment

We've all seen the lists of essential items for every kitchen, so here's a list of the not-so-essential kitchen items.  After all, just because you don't need a tool doesn't mean it can't have a special place in your kitchen. 

Some items will save you time like the corn stripper and cherry pitter. And some items will save you space like the multifunction pasta server. The adjustable rolling pin and poach pods let you forget technique. And the reusuable trussing loops and can colander are fun and clever reinventions.  We've also included two multi-purpose classics that deserve to be a part of your kitchen like the dual-sandwich grill and pressure cooker.  And last but not least, check out the Toastabag, the fastest way to make a "grilled" cheese sandwich.

Check out our list of niche kitchen equipment, you might discover something you never knew you needed! 


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