'Next Iron Chef: Redemption' Bringing Back Show Veterans

Looks like a select few will get a second chance to become an Iron Chef: the new season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption will feature old veterans from past seasons, all vying for a shot at the title.

This season's lineup includes Nate Appleman, Amanda Freitag, Eric Greenspan, Jehangir Mehta, Elizabeth Falkner, Alex Guarnaschelli, Spike Mendelsohn, Tim Love, and Marcel Vigneron. Out of these nine, the last two are the only new Next Iron Chef contestants.

One more spot on the show will go to the winner of a web competition at FoodNetwork.com, where Duskie Estes, Robert Trevino, Lee Anne Wong, and Madison Cowan will compete for a chance to compete on The Next Iron Chef (for a chance to be an Iron Chef). We think all this competing for a chance to compete may be taking it too far, but at least Alton Brown is hosting again.

The new series premieres Nov. 4 at 9 p.m. ET. on the Food Network.