You Can Now Mail-Order New York’s Famous Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed Bagel is now available via Foody Direct, even if you’re clear across the country
You Can Now Mail-Order New York’s Famous Black Seed Bagels
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California dreaming of New York bagels? It’s your lucky day.

Black Seed Bagel, New York’s artisan bagel shop that just opened this year to lines around the block, has good news for out-of-towners with a taste for bagels that go beyond “a roll with a hole.” You can now order Black Seed bagels online via Foody Direct. Unfortunately, the first round of bagel offerings sold out shortly after the happy announcement — sorry if that ruins anyone’s last-minute Christmas gift ideas. Hopefully, Foody Direct will be putting Black Seed Bagels back on the menu soon.

You could either choose from an assortment of two dozen bagels and be surprised with your selection, or you could pick and choose your own with a custom pack. Since bagels require overnight shipping for guaranteed freshness (nothing worse than a stale bagel!), the shipping wasn’t cheap: $9.99 if you were in the tristate area, and $29.95 for shipping to any other state. But given the popularity of the bagels, we weren’t surprised that they sold out quickly.

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