Wylie Dufresne Announces Closing of wd~50

Modern master chef Wylie Dufresne has announced via Twitter that his wildly-popular restaurant wd~50 will be closing in November

Sadly, wd~50 will be gone by the end of the year. Make a reservation while you can!

World-renowned chef Wylie Dufresne has announced via Twitter that his popular Lower East Side restaurant wd~50 will be closing on November 30 after serving innovative, modern cuisine for over a decade. Although chef Dufresne hasn’t commented yet on the closing of the restaurant, and said only to “stay tuned,” there have been reports that the building that houses wd~50 will soon be demolished and replaced by a large brick building.

According to Grub Street, earlier in the year when rumors were swirling after renderings of the new building were posted online, a spokesperson for wd~50 confirmed that the Dufresne “had no plans to leave the building before his lease expires in a few years.”

Dufresne’s spokespeople have not yet responded to requests for comment, but the Internet was abuzz last night after the news broke:

Some thought that the reaction to the closing was a little bit dramatic:

We couldn't have said it better, Mr. Wells.


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