World's First Caffeinated Juice Comes to the Midwest

World's First Caffeinated Juice Comes to the Midwest

Attention Midwesterners: Soon you will be able to combine your morning OJ with your wake-up coffee.

 We’ve got good news for those of you aren’t morning people, but hate the taste of coffee and energy drinks. Frava is the world’s first line of caffeinated juices (a combination of fruit and java). Launched in 2013, the fruit alternative to your morning coffee comes in pomegranate acai, cranberry orange, peach mango, and pineapple orange flavors. The line of naturally-caffeinated juices is looking for help to launch its presence in the Midwest through a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.

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“A few months ago we were a couple kids with backpacks stuffed with caffeinated fruit juice and sample cups, and now one of the largest convenience store chains in the country wants to bring us on,” said Frava chief marketing officer, Alex Portin.

The juice drinks are naturally caffeinated through an infusion of green coffee beans, which provides 200 mg of caffeine per bottle.

Right now, Frava is primarily available only in the New York metro area, but by raising a goal of $24K on Indiegogo, they will also be available in 470 stores across the Midwest.

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