Wine Shortage In The Future And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Junk Food at Checkout: The new health minister in the U.K. has announced plans to get rid of junk food near the checkout lanes, decreasing the amount of potential impulse Cheetos buys. [Daily Mail]

Anthony Bourdain on Seal Hunting: The outspoken television host called out chefs including Jonathan Benno, Danny Bowien, Alex Stupak, Scott Conant, and Stephanie Izard for signing on to a campaign to stop using Canadian seafood until the slaughtering seals and seal products are banned. The problem? "A total ban dooms the indigenous people above arctic circle to death or relocation," he tweeted. [Grub Street]

Red Bull Lawsuit: The energy drink company is dealing with a lawsuit that claims that the extra stimulants in Red Bull make it more dangerous than coffee, after a healthy 33-year-old man collapsed and died after consuming the product. [Beverage Daily]

Global Wine Shortage: As global wine consumption increases, and production decreases, winos may be facing a global wine shortage in the near future. [Quartz]

Cupcake Shop, Not Health Insurance Help: New York's health department has published the wrong list of places where New Yorkers can get help signing up for Obamacare, including a cupcake shop, a bakery, and taxi companies. [DNAInfo]