White Claw Slushies Are Here To Spice Up At-Home Happy Hour

For non-essential workers spending every waking second at home, the time to experiment with drinks is now. We all know White Claw — the alcoholic seltzer you probably saw at every bar and party last summer — and it's been taking over the internet for the best reason: People are turning them into slushies.

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This brilliant concept was born on TikTok, when reported trend creator Julia Abner (@juuliaabner) posted a short video of her mixing ice, frozen berries, lemon White Claw and Tito's vodka in a blender. She then blended it together and poured it into a Mason jar to serve with a reusable straw

Since then, multiple copycat recipes have emerged and, we can't lie, we will also be making this tonight. 


There are no actual measurements or ingredients set in stone for how to make a White Claw slushie though. Most people are just adding their favorite frozen fruits to ice, pouring in vodka and White Claw — and sometimes ginger ale — to suit their tastes, and pressing that blend button.

If you're looking to start the weekend off with an adult beverage but are someone who feels better following actual recipe instructions, we have something for you. Throw on some sweatpants, queue up something happy to binge-watch on Netflix and play bartender with these tequila cocktails that aren't margaritas.