Which Spices Will You Likely Be Cooking With in 2015?

McCormick released their annual Flavor Forecast and highlighted international spices and Mediterranean dips as trending in 2015

Say hello to Shawarma-spiced everything!

Flavor forecasters are really trying to predict the biggest trends in food for next year. We already hinted that pickled foods and other sour taste profiles may be big in 2015, and now McCormick has released their annual list of culinary trend predictions, which includes, of course, plenty of spice blends. (Keep in mind that McCormick is mainly highlighting their own products, but the list was created by a global team of chefs). Some of the up and coming trends include umami vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes, smoked spices, and a sour/salty combination like mango curry lime salt.

The number-one culinary spice trend, according to McCormick, is actually a host of global spice blends. As the world shrinks, we become more open to international foods and spices, like Shawarma spice blend and Japanese blended spices. Keep an eye out for more juices, sauces, and purées mixing and matching on restaurant menus like McCormick’s listed Spiced Shrimp with Roasted Corn Purée, Plum Sauce, and Farro Salad recipe.


Check out the rest of the list, and decide for yourself if you’ll be splurging on sour salts as a culinary New Year’s resolution.