Wendy’s Takes Soda Out of Kids’ Meals

Wendy’s has announced that they will be taking soda off the kids’ meal menu, but parents can still order one if they want
Wendy’s Takes Soda Out of Kids’ Meals

It’s a step in the right direction, but wouldn’t you still order a Coke even if you didn’t see it on the menu?

Health advocates everywhere have lauded Wendy’s recent decision to remove sodas from its kids’ meals, a move that follows McDonald’s similar promise to take sodas off the Happy Meal menu last year. Parents will still be able to order soda for their kids if they so desire — they just won’t see the option on the menu boards. According to a Wendy’s spokesperson, soft drink options no longer appear on drive-thru menus, inside restaurants, or at pick-up windows.

“When ordering a kids' meal, the customer is asked what beverage they prefer," Wendy’s spokesperson Bob Bertini told USA Today. "The change is the kids' meal beverage options, which are shown on our menu boards."

Instead, you’ll start seeing a lot more images of healthful options like milk and juice around Wendy’s store locations. Wendy’s joins other nationwide chains that have taken sodas off the kids’ menus like McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s, and Panera. One of the only remaining chains to have not yet given up on soft drinks for kids is Burger King. However, according to The Consumerist, the last of the “big three” burger chains said it is “currently in the process of analyzing the removal of fountain drinks from our kids' menu boards."

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