Watch These Guys Play 'Billie Jean' on Empty Beer Bottles


You have to check out this talented beer bottle pop group!

If only Michael Jackson were alive to see this! The Bottle Boys have certainly found a creative way to recycle! A YouTube sensation, this group of five friends from Denmark recreate pop songs, video game themes, and hip hop hits using only empty bottles of beer. Their latest six pack sensation is Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” just released this week.

The five-some sure knows how to have a good time. In every video, from their renditions of “Call Me Maybe,” “Party Rock Anthem,” and “Talk Dirty to Me,” to a Super Mario Brothers medley, they blow into bottles, use them as percussion instruments, and appear to engage in a silly faces competition. Last year, they created a splash when they did an underwater rendition of “Under the Sea.”

Check out their latest video below:

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