Watch: Alton Brown's Guide To Perfectly Grilled Skirt Steak

This week on Cook Smart, Alton Brown teaches us how to grill up his favorite cut of meat: the humble skirt steak, which "can be relatively tough and must be treated specially."

Using a pound and a half of skirt steak, our host walks us through the Alton Brown-approved method of grilling, which starts by brining the steak liberally with kosher salt and letting it sit for an hour.

"This is my best friend, and I must master it as I master my life," Alton says of his cherry red grill.

Use just enough natural chunk charcoal to cover the bottom layer and your lighting method of choice (his is a fancy Swedish heat gun, but you can also use a turbo-charged hair dryer), and then distribute the coals evenly across the grate.

Lay the skirt steak directly on the coals for up to 45 seconds per side, and then wrap the steak tightly in aluminum foil for fifteen minutes, where the heat will continue to cook the meat to perfection.

Open to reveal your Alton-approved grilled skirt steak! Written instructions are available on Alton's website.

Watch the episode below:

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