This Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwich Kit Is Coming To Walmart

Last year around the holidays, people went bananas for the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set. The Walmart-exclusive, which retails for $17.98, includes 13 cookies, two glass mugs, two pairs of tongs, two cookie dispensers and napkins. This thing screams white elephant, but there's competition in the gift aisle this season. Introducing the Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwich Maker.

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The brand-new cookie contraption is set to hit store shelves as early as Oct. 28. Brought to you by the same company that created the Oreo kit, Frankford Candy, the Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwich Maker features eight Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, an ice cream sandwich mold, an ice cream scoop, a small tray, rainbow sprinkles and napkins. It retails for $14.98. All you have to do is buy ice cream.

So, how does it work? Place a cookie at the base of the mold, place the tube over the cookie and onto the base, drop a scoop of ice cream into the tube, add the second cookie on top and use the plastic press to flatten the sandwich and make everything stick together. Once you get it out (presumably by deconstructing the tube), lay some sprinkles on the tray and roll the sandwich on its side. Viola! Once you run out of Chips Ahoy, save the parts and DIY a sandwich featuring the best cookie in your state.