Waffle House Launches Delivery Through Postmates

With many dine-in options closed throughout the country, people have resorted to having their favorite foods delivered. Sadly, Waffle House wasn't available on any such platform — until now. When coronavirus began to spread in the U.S., the cult-favorite restaurant chain shuttered hundreds of locations, but thanks to a new partnership with Postmates, you can have all-day breakfast delivered to your front door today.

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For the first time in its 65-year history, Waffle House is offering delivery through Postmates at more than 900 locations nationwide and will continue to add more each week. Customers can order through the Postmates app on iOS or Android, or head to Postmates.com.

Keep in mind that you'll only be able to order from a limited menu for the time being, but there are still plenty of options. At one location in Belleville, Illinois, there are 12 available menu items, including the famous All-Star Special with your choice of protein, eggs, a waffle and one side. Sounds like a winning formula for the perfect breakfast in bed.