You Can Pay For Drinks With Cucumbers In Dubai: Here's How

In Dubai, for one day only, you can use your salad greens as paper greens. On May 17, at 35 restaurants and bars in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, you'll be able to exchange a cucumber for a gin and tonic.

The bizarre promotion, spearheaded by a British drinks brand, is known as the DXB Cucumber Day event. Hendricks Gin is trying to "transform the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units." There is a strict "one cucumber per person per bar" rule, but no one is stopping you from bar-hopping with a tote full of cukes.

We wonder if they'll be making giant salads or vats of cucumber-infused water out of the monetary exchanges.

Unfortunately, the cucumber celebration is only being promoted in Dubai. We assume that if you want into an American bar on May 17 and attempt to pay for a gin and tonic with a cucumber, you'll be looked at strangely.

You can see the full list of participating restaurants and bars here.