You Can Now Get A Degree In Pizza Hut: Pizza Chain Offers College Apprenticeships

When you think about getting an internship while enrolled in college, you probably picture doing administrative tasks and general grunt work, free of charge, for a local law firm or TV station. But what about making pizza for one of the largest pizza chains in the world? Pizza Hut has delved into the world of higher education by offering 1,500 apprenticeships for Australian university students, in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University.

The chain's first-ever apprenticeship program teaches food production and financial analysis to the ever-hungry scholar.

"Apprenticeships add value to our businesses and workforce right across the economy," skills minister Nick Boles told Yahoo Finance. "These apprenticeships at Pizza Hut Restaurants will offer even more people the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge while working."

Over the next five years, students will advance from beginner to advanced, eventually ending up with a degree in the pizza sciences.

According to Pizza Hut, the apprenticeships will "equip (candidates) with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant," assuring would-be apprentices that the work accomplished during the food production part of the program would not necessarily be a grim reminder of what's to come after graduation in the competitive job market.