You Can Eat in a Prison Cell at This Jail-Themed Restaurant

Central Jail Restaurant in Bangalore, India, is capitalizing on incarceration with fine dining in mind

You can eat at the bar behind bars.

We know of the restaurant in a Milan, Italy, prison staffed by inmates, but this is the first we are hearing of a prison-themed restaurant where you can pretend to be eat like an inmate for fun. Central Jail Restaurant in the Jayanagar neighborhood in Bangalore, India, has booths in chained-up jail cells, guns hanging from the ceiling, “Most Wanted” posters plastered on the walls, and a prison-uniform-clad mannequin at the entrance that welcomes guests to jail.

Servers are dressed like either fellow prisoners or guards and — as reviews state — diners are told that their tables are housed in exact replicas of real jail cells. The cuisine itself (thankfully) does not replicate actual prison food and instead offers a multi-ethnic mixture of Asian dishes, including Chinese, Thai, and Indian.

Central Jail Restaurant just opened this past fall and has thus far gotten mixed reviews. Most inmates — err, customers — approve of the theming but say that the food and service could be improved.


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