Yet Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Brings Us the Food and Drink of Westeros

Blood & Wine, a ‘Game of Thrones’-themed pop-up bar, is in Scotland from now through the end of February

All men must wine and dine.

Another day, another Game of Thrones-themed eatery. Since the premiere of HBO’s bloody popular fantasy series, restaurants, bars, and special dinners inspired by the world of dragons and thieves have popped up. The latest is “Blood & Wine,” an aplty named bar loosely based on Game of Thrones, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and brought to life by The Pop Up Geeks.

Bartenders will don swords and serve wine inspired by the Seven Kingdoms and The Hound’s mulled wine. Blood & Wine will only stick around until the end of February, so hurry up if you want to dine with the lords and ladies of Westeros.

“Our Maesters have sifted through scrolls, trawled through parchments and painstakingly sampled the many wines, ales, spirits and infusions found within the pages of George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series to source only the finest that the Seven Kingdoms have to offer,” the website’s description reads. “So come along and taste your way through the Seven Kingdoms but remember, when you play the Game of Thrones, you drink or you die.”


At the end of February, Blood & Wine will be replaced by “Perilous Potions,” a Harry Potter-inspired watering hole, and after that, “Survive,” a Walking Dead-themed eatery.