World’s Stinkiest Pie? Pizza Hut in China Is Selling Durian Pizza

Pizza Hut China will release pizzas made with durian, the Asian delicacy known as the ‘smelliest fruit in the world'

Pizza with a wafting, unbearable stench? We’ll pass. 

Despite durian’s reputation as smelling like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock,” the spiky green fruit it’s still considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, but does it really belong on pizza?

Pizza Hut China has announced it will be adding durian-topped pizza to the menu in select locations for a limited time.

The pizza powerhouse tested out the malodorous concoction in several Chinese cities this year and, according to CBS News, the new menu item “created a lot of buzz.” Much to the dismay of durian enthusiasts, the fruit’s overpowering scent and flavor were muted when cooked in cheese and dough.

Prices range from 59 yuan ($9 USD) for a half-durian, half-Hawaiian pizza and 97 yuan for a stuffed-crust durian pizza ($14.93 USD).

So how does it actually taste? According to the brave reporters at the Wall Street Journal, it was “interesting” but didn’t pass muster. 


“There isn’t the regular aftertaste you get from eating durian,” one durian expert said in his review. “It’s a good starter for people who don’t really like durians. But I like my durians strong and smelly. This does not cut it.”