World’s Oldest Panda in Captivity Celebrates Her 37th Birthday with a Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Jia Jia!

Jia Jia turned 37 years old, making her the world's oldest panda in captivity.

Jia Jia is the oldest giant panda to ever exist in captivity. She is celebrating her 37th birthday on July 28 at the Ocean Park theme park in Hong Kong. As a birthday present, she was given a birthday cake made of ice and fruit juice with the number 37 carved on top.

Jia Jia has received two Guinness World Records: oldest panda ever in captivity and oldest panda living in captivity. Her age is the equivalent of 111 human years, so she is like a panda grandmother.

The birthday cake fit for any panda was made of ice soaked in grenadine and mint syrup surrounding an apple. Sliced fruits and bamboo sticks bordered the cake. The grenadine and mint were intended to appeal to Jia Jia’s sharp sense of smell.


As a special treat, Ocean Park visitors ate a panda-shaped cake made out of ice cream to celebrate with Jia Jia.