Wolfgang Puck Dubai Restaurant Destroyed in Massive Fire

Wolfgang Puck’s Dubai location of his pricey steakhouse, Cut, was destroyed in a giant skyscraper fire on New Year’s Eve

Wolfgang Puck’s Cut, along with much of the 63-story skyscraper, was destroyed.

On New Year’s Eve in Dubai, the sky was ablaze with more than just fireworks. A five-alarm fire broke out in the ostentatious, 63-story Address Downtown Hotel. Shortly before midnight, the fire, which was caused by an unknown source, ripped through the towering skyscraper, destroying Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse, Cut, in the process.

There were no fatalities and only 14 minor injuries. The fire seemed to only engulf the façade of the building and was put out by firefighters before it had a chance to ruin the inside of the building.

According to Time Out, Dubai, the fire had started on the 20th floor and soon spread upward.

"It just spread very rapidly, I'd say within six or seven minutes, the entire side of the building was just engulfed in flames," Margaret Besheer, an American vacationing in Dubai told NBC News.

"The fire [sent] blazing embers and fiery fascia pieces reigning down on the 10th floor patio of Cut,” The Las Vegas Sun reports. Staff and diners were quickly evacuated and no one in the restaurant was injured.


The hotel will be closed indefinitely following the damaging fire, according to The National.