This Is What It's Like To Go Out To A $2 Million Dinner

When we think of the most expensive restaurant in the world, we picture $1,000 prix fixe meals at well-known spots like Masa or Per Se.But this dining experience blows them all out of the finger bowl water. At Ce La Vie, a restaurant in Singapore, you can custom order a $2 million dining experience for two that just may be the most expensive in the world, according to Mashable.

Lasting a whopping eight hours and 18 courses, the culinary journey — mounted in collaboration with the World of Diamonds Group, one of the world's largest privately held diamond corporations — is a real marathon. Before the meal begins, diners are presented with a set of diamond-encrusted chopsticks. Making appearances on the decadent menu are Belon oysters, Almas caviar, and a 55-year-old wine.

The package also includes a 45-minute helicopter ride, luxury cruise, ride to the restaurant in a Rolls Royce and an impressive 10,000 roses (talk about overkilling it in the romance department). Then at the end of the meal the diners will be given a Jane Seymour 2.08-carat blue diamond ring. It sounds to us like this is supposed to be a proposal package, so major props to the lucky lady or lad who will be experiencing the extravagant meal.

Interested applicants to the meal must be screened ahead of time and only one couple will be chosen.