Vive La Revolution! Parisians Flock To Cafés And Restaurants In Cultural Defiance Of Terrorists

Five days, 129 deaths, and hundreds of serious injuries later, the smoke and chaos from the terrorist attacks that shook the City of Lights have begun to subside. Although Paris suffered a massive blow after the slaughter of the innocents on Friday night turned the city upside down, France has one thing to say in defiance of all violent extremists: Back to the bistro! Restaurants, bistros, and cafés, in the culinary capital of the world are encouraging citizens and tourists alike to "Tous au Bistrot," drink plentiful Champagne, and prove to extreme jihadists that they will not give in to fear.

The hashtag #TousAuBistrot has been trending on social media since Tuesday, and city restaurant guide Le Fooding has been credited with coining the phrase. The publication vowed "to commemorate the victims of the attacks" and "to support all those working in the restaurant and entertainment industry [who were] targeted by these deadly attacks."

The attacks targeted a bar and several restaurants in the heart of Paris. People have been accompanying the hashtag with photos of themselves eating and drinking in cafes and bistros. Another similar trending hashtag, #JeSuisEnTerrace, translates to "I am on the terrace," another reference to Paris' illustrious café culture.

The country is currently observing a state of mourning, and French president Francois Hollande is pushing parliament to extend his nation's state of emergency to three months.

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