Vegetarians Angrily Protest Violent Burger Ads That Tout ‘We Kill Them So You Don’t Have To’

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is spending ‘Veganuary’ by harshly mocking vegans with ‘murder burger’ advertisements
Did Gourmet Burger Kitchen take the joke way too far?

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Did Gourmet Burger Kitchen take the joke way too far?

Vegetarians and vegans are up in arms about a controversial marketing campaign for a burger chain in the U.K., Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which decided to take the social media-appointed “Veganuary” as an opportunity to brutally skewer the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.Vegans and vegetarians around the world are protesting the advertisements which nickname the burger chain, Gourmet Murder Kitchen, with a photo of a cow and the slogan, “We kill them so you don’t have to.”

Slogans in the burger restaurants themselves claim, “You’ll always remember when you gave up being a vegetarian” and “Resistance is futile.” Although the ads have received their fair share of backlash, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has maintained that the controversial marketing campaign was intended as a lighthearted joke, and pointed to the fact that they have veggie burgers on the menu:

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However, the burger chain eventually decided to remove “some” of the campaigns following backlash: