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Vatican McDonald’s to Work With Charity to Feed Homeless Locals

The locals see the act as a way to win over public opinion after the controversial opening of the St. Peter’s Square McDonald’s

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The first McDonald’s location in Italy opened near the Spanish Steps around 30 years ago. 

The opening of a McDonald’s in a Vatican-owned building near St. Peter’s Square caused outrage among locals and religious officials. The fast-food chain is seeking to assuage the haters by working with Medicina Solidale, a local non-profit organization, to give free meals to the homeless.

Starting Jan. 16, volunteers and the charity’s workers will deliver more than 1,000 McDonald’s meals every Monday afternoon to those living on the streets near the Vatican, The Local reported.

The meals will include a double cheeseburger, apple slices, and a bottle of water.

“Providing a meal guarantees an appropriate supply of proteins and vitamins to so many men and women who live on the street,” Lucia Ercoli, director of the charity, said according to USA Today. “I am very happy with this agreement with McDonald’s.”


Last year, in a similar fashion, Pope Francis gave out pizza to 1,500 homeless people made from authentic Neapolitan pizza ovens to celebrate Mother Teresa’s canonization by the church.