Updated Food Labeling Laws In Europe, Including Labeling Of Allergens, Will Go Into Effect On December 13

Beginning Saturday, December 13, a new food labeling law in the European Union will go into effect that requires the labeling of allergens and clear language in minimum font sizes so that consumers are not misled and can read the information, reports Reuters.

The legislation was originally agreed upon in 2011, and the food industry was given three years to prepare for the implementation date of December 13.

The rules also apply to restaurants and public eateries, which must identify any allergens on their menu.

According to Reuters, new labeling requirements include the identification of "meat that appears to be a single chunk but is in fact made of several pieces glued together as formed meat," and advertising that is not misleading ("packaging cannot feature pictures of fruit if the product, such as a yogurt, contains no fruit."

The EU will also begin introducing specific nutrition information, such as the amount of fat, salt, and calories. Currently the information is voluntary, but will become mandatory after December 13, 2016.