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UK Store Wants You to De-Stress By Peeling Potatoes

The project is in collaboration with luxury housewares company The New Craftsmen

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The program allows attendees to select from three different kinds of potatoes.

There are tons of ways to cope with stress, from meditating to doing yoga. One department store in the London, Selfridges, is helping shoppers wind down by hosting crafting workshops, one of which involves peeling potatoes.


At the workshop, attendees can therapeutically peel potatoes to “reconnect” and relax through basic activities, The Guardian reported. The program also offers other workshops including making tea and grinding spices.


“We are increasingly disconnected from crafts and making and doing things because the world is becoming more and more virtual,” Catherine Lock, founder of The New Craftsmen, told The Guardian. “We hope this project will show people that crafts are hands-on, visceral, sensory activities which are very satisfying and grounding.”


Although peeling potatoes might seem like an unconventional way to deal with stress, it’s a simple activity that mindfulness can be incorporated into.



“We are not expecting potato peeling to become a hobby,” Linda Hewson, creative director for Selfridges, said. “But the idea is to draw attention to those habitual tasks you would not normally notice or appreciate, and find a renewed value in them. It’s about a simple enjoyment and awareness of daily life – and taking the time appreciate it.”