It’s the cookie crisis of the century.


The UK Is Having a Biscuit Shortage and Dubai Sent Over 2 Planes Full of Reinforcements

One of the largest biscuit factories in the UK was damaged after floods and Dubai sent over two planes full of cookies to help

A biscuit shortage in Britain was looking like a desperate international emergency if not for some snack diplomacy.

One of the largest biscuit (that’s British for cookie to you Yanks) factories in the U.K. was nearly destroyed by massive flooding. To ease the serious shortbread shortage, Dubai kindly sent over two Boeing 777s filled with cookies.

“We’ve welcomed all sorts of different cargo over the years from a pride of lions to last year’s consignment of tea, this time we’ve quite literally ‘taken the biscuit!’” cargo manager for Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Dayle Hauxwell, told Russia Today. “Thanks to this new relationship the Great British public have been able to enjoy a biscuit with their cuppa [tea].”

Ever since the loss of the McVitie’s factory in Carlisle around Christmastime, the Brits have faced empty shelves when they usually eat 34,000 biscuits per month, on average. Now their sweets cravings will hopefully be at ease.

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Retailers will be able to restock their cookies by the end of March, so never-fear dunkable delights will soon be here!