These Doughnut Ice Cream Cone Treats Will Make You Wish You Were in Prague

A café in Prague, Good Food Coffee and Bakery, is gaining global attention for its trdelníks

These cone-like pastries make for a delicious (and photogenic) cone.

A Prague café has taken two already delicious things, doughnuts and ice cream, and combined them to create the ultimate mouthwatering, Instagram-worthy, and jealously-inducing dessert. Pictures of Good Food Coffee and Bakery’s modern take on trdelníks have been circulating social media, tempting many to take a trip out to Prague to get a taste of the dessert themselves.

Trdelník is a traditional Slovak cake made with grilled dough and topped with sugar and walnuts, according to Mashable. The café has taken advantage of the spiral shape of the pastry to use it as a doughnut cone, which is then topped with chocolate and stuffed with ice cream.


The café offers an original version with nuts, and several filled versions including Strudel, which is filled with apple, walnuts, raisins, and whipped cream; Cream, in which the cake is filled with whipped cream and strawberries; and for savory fans, there’s a Pizza variety, featuring ventricina, cheese, and olives.