These Beautiful Cakes Are Actually Healthy Salads in Disguise

The newest ‘dessert’ craze in Japan is the salad cake: a healthy salad that is cleverly designed to look like a cake

That may look like icing, but don’t be fooled: It’s a tofu frosting with vegetable trimmings.

Leave it to Japan to come up with the latest weird food craze: After all, they gave us the black burger bun. Salad cakes were created by food stylist Misuki Moriyasu and they may look like a clever April Fool’s prank, but these healthy cakes are actually trending in Japan.

The salad cake appears to be a beautifully crafted baked good, but it’s actually made with tofu or cream cheese “frosting,” decorated with vegetable roots and peels, and filled with salad fixings.The sponge part of the cake is made with soybean flour and little to no sugar is added, so they’re a smart way to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating dessert.


The cakes have been flying off the shelves so quickly, that an entire café dedicated to these creative crudités — The VegieDeco Café — will be opening in Nagoya, Japan, next month. A slice of vegetable cake will start at 735 yen ($8.50 USD) and meals served with tea will start from 856 yen ($10 USD), according to Fox News.