These Are The Most Popular Neighborhood Destinations For Traveling Food-Lovers

Airbnb is probably the most in-the-know source for where Americans like to vacation. As peer-to-peer vacation home rentals have become more popular, Airbnb put together a list of trending, up-and-coming travel destinations in unexpected neighborhoods around the world. Some of the most popular themes for travelers are urban spaces that aren't too crowded, cities with greenery, and, of course, places with vibrant dining scenes.

Here are the popular international travel destinations that are growing in popularity thanks to dining-conscious jet-setters:

Milneburg in New Orleans, Louisiana: 1500 percent growth

Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 976 percent growth

Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia: 770 percent growth

Konohana-ku in Osaka, Japan: 609 percent growth

Chutes-Lavie in Marseille, France: 604 percent growth

Rockcliffe Smythe in Toronto, Canada: 497 percent growth

Midtown in Miami, Florida: 430 percent growth

Narvarte in Mexico City, Mexico: 264 percent growth

West Seattle in Seattle, Washington: 230 percent growth

Usera in Madrid, Spain: 228 percent growth

Din Daeng/Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand: 218 percent growth

Chippendale in Sydney, Australia: 204 percent growth

Daehangno in Seoul, South Korea: 203 percent growth

Lyndale in Minneapolis, Minnesota: 193 percent growth

Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland: 180 percent growth

Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina: 172 percent growth

Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic: 103 percent growth

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