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There Was a 10-Day Wait for the ‘World’s Best’ Ramen Restaurant in Taiwan

Hundreds of people waited in line to dine at the 60-seat restaurant

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The restaurant is best known for its tonkotsu pork stock ramen.

Japan’s Ichiran ramen restaurant recently opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, and caused such hype that customers formed a round-the-clock line outside for 10 straight days.

According to EJ Insight, the average wait time was around one hour and 40 minutes with over 200 people in line at a time.

The 240-hour wait beat the restaurant’s own record: a 196-hour (or a little over eight days) wait time when its Hong Kong location opened in 2013.

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If you think waiting in line for 10 days is a little excessive, the famous ramen restaurant was named the “best ramen in the world” by Forbes in 2016.

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