Tesco Supermarket Chairman Slammed for Saying White Men Are Endangered Species

People are calling for boycotts of Tesco after John Allan, a chairman of the UK supermarket chain, made the remarks

Several women’s and civil rights groups are calling for a boycott of Tesco.

A Tesco supermarket chairman was slammed after commenting that white men “are an endangered species.”

The comments — which John Allan made right after International Women’s Day — were made at a Retail Week Live conference, and were “meant to be humorous” and were a “rather colorful turn of speech,” according to The Sun newspaper.

But several women’s and civil rights groups fail to see the humor in the situation and are calling for a boycott of the U.K.’s largest supermarket chain.

In the same “humorous” speech Allan also said, “If you are female and from an ethnic background and preferably both then you are in an extremely propitious period. For a thousand years, men have got most of these jobs, the pendulum has swung very significantly the other way now and will do for the foreseeable future I think.”


The Tesco board of directors is comprised of nine white men and three white women, while their executive committee is comprised of eight white men and three white women.