Taco Bell UK Creates Kit Kat ‘Quesadilla’

Taco Bell UK’s newest quirky creation is a Kit Kat Chocodilla, made with chocolate instead of cheese

We’re glad Taco Bell decided to skip out on the cheese for this one.

Taco Bell UK has released a dessert that’s raising more than a few eyebrows: the Kit Kat Chocodilla, also known as a quesadilla filled with Kit Kats.It may sound unappetizing, but Taco Bell has skimped out on the “queso” part of a quesadilla in favor of the chocolate wafer candies for this dessert flour tortilla stuffed with melted Kit Kat bars.

The dessert is available for a limited time for 1.29 pounds ($1.58) with any combo purchase, according to Brand Eating.


The Chocodilla made with melted chocolate chips is already a dessert option in international Taco Bell locations, and frankly, sounds a lot more appealing than the American Capt’n Crunch Delight doughnut holes stuffed with sweet milk icing. However, the Kit Kat Chocodilla should be fairly simple to emulate: All you need is a grill press and some leftover Halloween candy. Snickers Chocodilla, anyone?