SpaceX Brings Much-Needed Mustard, Christmas Presents to Crew of International Space Station

Groceries, including mustard, were delivered to eager astronauts aboard the International Space Station

 The condiment drawer at the International Space Station had been looking worse for the wear. 

On Monday, January 12, SpaceX’s company supply ship, known as Dragon, brought a long-awaited supply of groceries to astronauts at the International Space Station, as well as a shipment of belated Christmas gifts, reports The Associated Press.

The full delivery, totaling 5,000 pounds of cargo and collected via the space station’s robotic arm, was a welcome sight for the station’s six astronauts, whose last expected supply ship was destroyed in a launch explosion in October. SpaceX’s Dragon was also delayed by at least a month.

Later this year, Russia and Japan will send additional supplies that we imagine include some critical snacks.

There are currently three Russian crew members on board, two Americans, and one Italian.

Details on the presents and groceries were sparse, but U.S. astronaut Butch Wilmore told The Associated Press that the delivery of mustard was particularly welcome.

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"We're excited to have it on board," said Wilmore. "We'll be digging in soon."