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Sleep in Luxury on a $9,000 Bed at This Tokyo Nap Café

Customers can enjoy decaf coffee before sleeping and will be treated to a cup of regular coffee after waking

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The pop-up café comes equipped with 10 beds for customers to nap on.

When it comes to themed cafés, Tokyo has had it all — the city has been home to pop-ups dedicated to everything from My Little Pony to Super Mario. The latest pop-up in Tokyo has transformed a local café into a dream world, and it’s perfect for the perpetually sleepy.


In honor of World Sleep Day (which occurred on March 17), Nescafé and France Bed Co. collaborated to launch a nap café at Nescafé Harajuku, RocketNews24 reported.


At the Nescafé x France Bed Sleep Café, customers can take a two-hour nap in three kinds of luxury electric reclining beds including the “Bosutesso BO-08,” which retails for around $8,694, and the “RP1000DLX,” which retails for roughly $1,065. At each bed, visitors can control the light settings to “relax” mode and listen to music on a Sony Walkman.


In order to experience the café, customers are required to purchase at least one food item from Nescafé Harajuku’s regular menu.


If you’re in Tokyo and looking to recharge during the day, the nap café will be open through March 26.



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