This Shop Sells Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream and It’s Wildly Popular

We got the scoop on this bizarre frozen condiment trend from Freezer Burn PH in the Philippines that’s trending on social media

The consensus? It’s a weird combination but actually works.

When you order French fries at a diner, there are two types of people: Those who dip their fries in a milkshake, or those who prefer the standard ketchup condiment. What if there was a concoction that combined the best of both worlds?Introducing ketchup-mayo ice cream, available only at Freezer Burn PH, an experimental ice cream shop known for other strange and savory flavors like corn and cheese, butter, and maple bacon.

Before you say, “I’ll pass,” the ketchup-mayo ice cream is really popular among guests, according to Freezer burn PH and the food porn-hungry Instagram community. Each ice cream flavor is paired with a different treat, and yes, the ice cream is, of course, served with French fries.


 “The Ketchup and Mayo ice cream? It really tastes like ketchup and mayo ice cream — and no, it isn’t gross at all,” a local reviewer for the Philippines Inquirer said.


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